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NYC HUG Reboots with Presentations from HubSpot, IBM Watson, & SmartAcre

Mar 30, 2017 2:22:18 PM | Recap

On March 29th, 2017 the NYC HUG officially rebooted at the WeWork Lounge on 154 Grand St. New York, NY.  The event quickly became a melting pot for digital marketers and sales individuals alike, to come together to network, ask puzzling questions, and get inspiration from others juggling similar tasks. Presentations from leaders at IBM Watson, HubSpot, and SmartAcre guided the discussion to kick start the official reboot of NYC HUG. 

David Snyder - Lead Attribution

David Snyder, VP of Account Services at SmartAcre, provided actionable tips on how to improve your lead attribution, and why it's crutial for your company to tie back results to specific campaigns and channels.

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Sonya Hansen - AlchemyAPI Case Study

Sonya Hansen, Global Demand Generation for IBM Watson, told us an inspirational story about how Alchemy API went from 0 to aquired in 6 steps with Inbound Marketing.

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Janessa Lantz - Less Content, More Leads

Janessa Lantz, Content Marketing Strategist for Hubspot, explained why it pays off to spend more time identifying the best possible content to create, and less time just creating content.

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