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Do Your Marketing and Sales Teams Align?

Aug 29, 2018 10:05:25 AM | Meetups

It’s Q3 and the CEO is starting to wonder why the marketing team you manage is tracking behind on revenue goals. Do you:

  1. Blame sales.
  2. Blame your own marketing team.
  3. Tell them you can't handle the pressure and walk out.
  4. Create a Smarketing Service-Level Agreement (SLA)

Well, this isn’t choose your own adventure today because the answer is D. According to HubSpot, “Only 26% of respondents have a formal SLA between marketing and sales.” They also go on to report that organizations that do have agreements set in place are likely to be 3x more effective.

How do you do this, you ask?

During our next New York City HubSpot User Group event on Thursday, September 13th we will focus on helping you to align your marketing and sales teams into a “smarketing” powerhouse.

Here’s a Preview of What’s to Come

Aja Frost, Senior Content Strategist on HubSpot's SEO team, will deep dive into the world of marketing and sales alignment. When there is strong communication between these teams, companies see 36% higher customer retention and 38% higher sales win rates. Who doesn’t want that?

Aja will walk us through:

  • The importance of creating a SLA between marketing and sales
  • Defining lead definitions
  • Setting goals
  • Finalizing the handoff

As Senior Content Strategist, she has worked hard developing the organic strategy for the HubSpot Blog and other properties. Before that, she pioneered the Sales Blog as editor, helping more than one million people learn more about selling.

To round-up the meet-up, we’ll get interactive with a panel discussion based on new HubSpot features released at INBOUND18. Our panelists will be ready to answer any of your other marketing and sales questions, so come prepared! 

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