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NYC HUG Summer Session 2018

May 21, 2018 1:27:48 PM | Meetups

Temperatures are heating up and the smell of trash is getting must be summer in the city! While we can’t help the smells, we can help take your marketing to the next level. Join us at our next New York City HubSpot User Group event on Wednesday, June 6th to learn new tips and tricks in the world of digital marketing.

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According to HubSpot, 55% of B2B marketers say they are unclear on what content marketing success or effectiveness looks like. During this content focused meetup, we’ll dive into everything content; from visual storytelling to pillar pages.

Here's a Preview of What's to Come

Matt Wellschlager, VP of Marketing at Ceros, is fresh off The Marketing Nation Summit to help us explore the world of visual storytelling. This means going beyond pictures and getting into interactive content that makes people want to tell your story to someone else.

Up next we’ll talk about the future of content strategy and how it’s shifting with the changing search landscape. A few years ago search was all about keywords, but now people love to ask their search engine more complex questions. How do you account for that?

Listen and take notes as Moe Bachouti, HubSpot Customer Success Regional Manager, walks us through pillar content, and how moving from keywords to topic clusters will help you get in front of more people.

Moe will also share how to:

  • Build authority
  • Move from keywords to topic clusters
  • Use topic clusters and campaigns together

Moe is an International Growth Consultant with a demonstrated history in Marketing, Sales, Localization, International Relations, and Strategic Management. Recently, Moe established the Customer Success Team for the Latin American market, with the objective of localizing the marketing experiences according to the buyer and the local vendor. Moe has experience in scaling engagement, automation, gamification, and value-based loyalty, while maintaining a strong advocacy to contextualizing the buyer's journey.


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Don't forget to register to save your spot. Meet us at Ceros HQ, for networking with fellow digital marketers and HubSpot users and presentations from our speakers from 6:30-9:30 PM.


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